A Malagasy Thanksgiving

            Before I start, I know Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, but we are 9 hours ahead of the US and it was the first time we could get most of the Sudesters together.  The Sudest Thanksgiving was at a volunteer’s house in Manakara.  He and another volunteer prepared the turkey and the rest of us prepared and brought the other dishes; except me and Greg, we were not at home to cook so we just bought the drinks.  With the lack of an oven the turkey had to be cooked in a different method.  So the way they prepared it was to dig a hole in the back yard, put some coals in it, put the turkey (seasoned and wrapped in hemp) in the hole, add more coal, and cover it back up with dirt; essentially creating a natural oven.  While we waited we snacked on a gunny sack size bag of lychees

School Started Today; No tomorrow; No…Well Maybe Next Week

            I was told that Monday, 10/6/14, we were going to have an assembly at the school and that classes would also start.  So having lessons prepared for the week and ready to start teaching, I woke up at an early 6 am to get ready for the 7 o’clock assembly.  At 6:45 I stood outside on my porch overlooking the Lycee, with my friend Pascel and sitemate Greg, and awaited people to show up; really anyone to show up since we were the only ones there.  By 8 o’clock only about 30 of the roughly 500 students had arrived, as well as only half of the teachers.  So at 8:30, things having not improved, the Proviseur informed me that we would try again tomorrow. 
            The following day did not fare much better.  Although the students had doubled to about 60,


Here is a video tour of the PCTC (Peace Corps Training Center). You can also read a short post about it here.


Here are some pictures of Vondrozo.
Downtown Vondrozo

Bike Video

Here is a video of one of my bike rides out of Vondrozo.


Here are some old pictures of Mantasoa.

The Kabone Guard

This is what guards my kabone at night, but lets be honest, it is really its kabone at night because I am not sharing a small, dark, enclosed room with that thing.

That is a broom stick in the corner, so you can get a size comparison.

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