Dear Future Peace Corps Volunteer

When the pandemic swept around the world, Peace Corps was forced to evacuate all of their volunteers, nearly 7000, from the sites that they were serving in. Two years later Peace Corps has been slowly returning volunteers to these countries it once served. Madagascar, the country in which I served for 3 years, finally got its first volunteers since the evacuation. Having finished up 11 weeks of training in Mantasoa, Madagascar, the volunteers swore in yesterday to begin their journey as Peace Corps Volunteers in Madagascar. 

While watching their swearing in I was reminded of my service, the amazing and life changing experience I had, and all of the work that was done and has continued to be done in Madagascar. This blog was started as a way to chronical my time in Madagascar; my life and work as a volunteer, the culture of the Malagasy people, and the Peace Corps experience as a whole. In light of the new volunteers starting their own service I wanted to share a post I wrote as a letter to future Peace Corps Volunteers.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Travelers [Updated: 2022]

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Travelers

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that traveler in your life?  Buying for travelers can be a hard task.  What do you get for someone that is always on the go?  In my experience, most travelers like to pack light and we like to only take those things that are useful or will make our trip easier. 


So, skip the money belt this year and buy your modern nomad something they will actually love and use.  Here is a list of the best travel gifts for wanderlust travelers, no matter what your budget.


Explore Colonial Williamsburg: Best Guide to America's Revolutionary City

Explore Colonial Williamsburg: Best Guide to America's Revolutionary City

Colonial Williamsburg bring history to life. Once the capital of Virginia, Williamsburg is arguably the birthplace of the American Revolution. This historic site is the country’s largest outdoor history museum and quite literally a theater in the streets. Where historic figures like George Washington and James Madison tell you about their lives, where cobblers make colonial shoes from scratch, and the buildings that surround you date before the American Revolution.


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