Plan Your Perfect Visit to Georges Island, 2022 - All You Need To Know

Plan Your Perfect Visit to Georges Island


Georges Island is the star of the Boston Harbor Islands. Dominated by Fort Warren, Georges Island sees visitors throughout the summer to tour the Civil War era fort and picnic on the grassy shores overlooking the harbor.


Adams National Historic Park - All You Need to Know

adams national historic park quincy massachusetts

Adams National Historic Park is a small but prominent national park just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. The park encompasses five generations of the Adams family; including that of two presidents, three US Ministers, historians, and writers. A tour of the national park takes you to the birthplace, home, and resting place of the families most prominent members, Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Boston is often referred to as “the birthplace of the American Revolution” and no trip to Boston would be complete without a quick trip down to the Adams National Historic Park.


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