Rio Celeste: The Turquoise River

rio celeste costa rica

Legend has it that Rio Celeste got its distinctive turquoise color after God, finished painting the sky, dipped his paint brush into the river. With spectacular turquoise blue waters, magnificent waterfall, and jungle trails, Rio Celeste is one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets.

La Fortuna: A Travel Guide

la fortuna a travel guide

La Fortuna is undoubtedly one of Costa Rica's top tourist destinations. A place where the natural environment and adventure meet, La Fortuna brings together all of the attractions you would expect to find in Costa Rica into one place. You will find yourself exploring the rainforest's canopy and wildlife, detoxing in the thermal hot springs, or viewing the volcano in this small and idyllic town.

How to Explore the World Virtually in 2021



The Corona-Virus pandemic has changed how we live and interact with other people. Global lockdowns have seen people stay indoors, and there is no end in sight. However, this does not mean we cannot enjoy the things we used to do, albeit virtually. Here are some things you can do from the comfort of your living room sofa. Virtual travel is here to stay while we wait and see how the Covid situation pans out.

A Guide to Free Camping in the USA

backroads last dollar road colorado

They say the best things in life are free, and when it comes to camping, it still stands true. When it comes to getting some fresh air, there is no better option than camping. There is nothing like camping in the great outdoors; especially when it is free! Whether you are going on an epic road-trip or just an outing for the night, enjoy some of the free primitive camping spots across the US to make your trip a true adventure.

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