7 Ways to Satisfy the Travel Bug at Home

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              When you have the travel bug there is nothing worse than being stuck at home.  It can be depressing to have your travel plans grounded because of funds, time, or travel restrictions.  But it is important to remember that the thrill of travel is a state of mind, not body.  If we accept that, then a world of possibilities opens up and we can experience the world while be stuck at home.

              Here are 7 simple tricks to satisfy that sense of wanderlust and be better prepared for your next big trip!

Travel Virtually

              Nothing can replace the sense we get from experiencing a place in person, but we can come close.  A great way to do this is to travel virtually.  Thousands of places around the world have virtual tours.  You can tour museums, explore national parks and attractions, or visit exotic beaches.  With the power of the internet, the world is literally at your fingertips.  Download one of the many apps on your phone or visit the sights through your internet browser. 

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Live Vicariously

              If travel is truly a state of mind, then why not use it to take a mental road trip.  The best way to do this is through the words of others.  Think travel blogs, books, travel guides, and movies.  Travel blogs and guides can be a great way to get firsthand knowledge about a destination (You can start with my blog!).  If you want a break from the screen, nothing can beat immersing yourself in a great book that inspires travel.  Read something that takes you to a far away place with new experiences.  Use these to get new ideas for your bucket list.

Update Your Bucket List

              Speaking of your bucket list, there is no time better than now to update it.  Whether your priorities or interests have changed, or you have come across a new place your dreaming of visiting, now is the time to update your list or start a new one.  I recommend digging deep and finding some hidden gems to add to your list.

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Plan Your Next Trip

              Now that you have your bucket list created and a lot of new ideas from exploring the web and books, it is now time to plan your next trip.  According to research, anticipating an adventure can be just as powerful as actually visiting a place.  I like to start by creating a map in Google Maps so I can see the location of all of the things I want to experience.  I then can use that map to create a roadmap for my future trip.  Decide how to travel from place to place, where I will stay, etc.  Whether your next trip is just around the corner or way in the future, it is never to soon to plan. 

Learn a New Skill

              If you are stuck at home there is no better time then to learn a new skill.  And there is no skill better for travel than learning a new language.  If you have already started planning your next trip then try learning the language too.  Only a few phrases can go a long way to helping you along your way, but try to commit to delve deeper.  Viewing the world through a different language can give you a whole new perspective on life. 

              Another good skill to hone is photography.  We all love taking pictures of the places we have been.  But all to often we look back on those photos and realize they aren’t as good as we thought they would be.  Take this time while you’re stuck at home to practice taking photos and editing them, so the next time you travel you can take those Insta-worthy shots.

Organize Your Pictures

              When it comes to taking photos, we all come back from our travels with hundreds of unorganized photos.  Use the time you’re stuck at home to organize them and be reminded of all the great trips that you have taken. 

Use your photos and get creative.  Like most travelers these days, your photos are likely to be in a digital format and there are many online tools to present your past trips in a fun and memorable way, like a digital scrapbook or calendar.  If you are old school you can print your photos and make a scrapbook that way.  Or get more creative and use your photos to make a collage under the glass of your coffee table.

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Cook Food from Around the World

              If you are like me, then eating local foods is one of your favorite things to do while traveling.  But being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t travel vicariously through your stomach.  If you live in a place that has many different international restaurants, then step out of your comfort zone and try a dish you have never had before.  Better yet, learn how to make a new dish yourself!

Traveling is one of the best forms of education and although nothing can replace the act of physical travel to foreign places, the mind is a powerful thing.  If you are stuck at home, satisfy your travel bug by trying the tips above!

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