How to Travel from Hanoi to Hai Phong

gia lam bus station hanoi vietnam
Gia Lam Bus Station

              Travel in Vietnam is much easier than you might expect.  If your traveling to Hai Phong, the jump off point for Cát Bà Island and cruises into Ha Long Bay, you most likely are coming from the Old Quarter in Hanoi.  The best mode of transportation from Hanoi to Hai Phong is by bus.  The most convenient option for a bus is to talk to your hotel/hostel and have them arrange for a bus to pick you up, which will cost 250,000 VND/11 USD.  If your trying to travel cheaper, then the public bus is your best bet.  

gia lam map hanoi vietnam

The public bus is nice and roomy and well worth the saved money.  Take a city bus to the Gia Lam bus station (7,000 VND/0.35 USD) where you can catch a public bus to Hai Phong for 85,000 VND/3.72 USD.  Getting a bus at the Gia Lam station is easy.  As you walk into the station you will see billboards above the teller windows stating where their bus is traveling to.  You may also be guided to a bus without buying a ticket, which is what happened to us.  This is also ok.  You will just pay the teller that is on the bus when he starts walking the aisle asking for tickets/money. 

bus billboards gia lam station hanoi vietnam
Bus billboards at the Gia Lam station

              The bus takes about 2-3 hours to make the trip, stopping along the way to pick-up and left off other passengers.  Once you arrive in Hai Phong you will be able to get off at a few bus stops along the way or ride the bus to its end point at the Cầu Rào Bus Station.  

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