Houdongkeng Waterfall

houdongkeng waterfall yulan taiwan

              Yilan, in northeastern Taiwan, doesn’t have much to offer a passing tourist and you won’t find many that stop there.  But if you are making your way down the east coast and looking for a quick and rewarding hike, look no further than Houdongkeng Waterfall. 

walkway houdongkeng waterfall yulan taiwan
Walkway to the Houdongkeng Waterfall

Houdongkeng Waterfall is a pleasant hike that can easily be done in just an hour’s time.  Taking a short bus ride to the north of town you can easily walk up the street to the trailhead to start your hike.  The path to get to the waterfall is mostly made of concrete and leads you through a tunnel of overgrowth that is beautiful in and of itself.  

stairs houdongkeng waterfall yulan taiwan
Stairs to the top of Houdongkeng Waterfall

Once at the foot of the waterfall you will have to do some climbing, as you have to make your way up a few flights of stairs to reach the top.  As you ascend the stairs there are a few places to take a breath and capture the beautiful scenery that surrounds the area.  The concrete path stops at the top of the stairs and you will have to do some rock hopping if you want to get out over the waterfall for the vest view.  

              Once you have finished the hike I recommend making your way back to the main street and stopping in at Weng Yao Ji for some tasty chicken.  The chicken here is fried in giant earthen vats and has been said to be some of the best chicken in Taiwan.  Notice: You buy the entire chicken here, so if there are only two of you, as in our case, you will have a lot of chicken to eat.  Top it off with a side of sautéed bamboo and you will have yourself a delicious meal.  

weng yao ji chicken friers
Weng Yao Ji chicken friers

weng yao ji chicken
Weng Yao Ji chicken

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