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Kawa baths

              Tibiao may not be on most people’s radar, but it’s truly a worthy addition to anyone’s vacation.  Known for their kawa hot baths, Tibiao might be one of the most relaxing places in the Philippines.  The kawa baths are large metal pots that are heated from below by large wooden fires.  As the water heats they add herbs and flowers which, as they release their oils into the water, creates essentially an herbal hot tub. 

herbal kawa bath kayak inn tibiao philippines
My prepared kawa bath with herbs and flowers

              To enjoy the kawa baths, I highly recommend staying at the Kayak Inn.  A room here costs 300 pesos per person, or 450 pesos with breakfast, and the kawa bath is an additional 250 pesos per person.  The rooms are very basic, consisting of only a mattress on the floor and a fan, with a toilet/shower room just outside and a deck overlooking the baths and river.  We ate dinner here as well and the food was very delicious (it also has been the only place that we have felt like we have gotten an ample amount of rice).   

kawa bath over river kayak inn tibiao philippines
Kawa bath overlooking the river

Kayak Inn created the first kawa baths and have six individual and four couple baths for you to use.  Keep in mind it takes about 45 minutes for them to prepare the baths, but you can easily take up this time by enjoying the amazing scenery. The area is surrounded by trees and rice terraces and sitting above a rolling river, the baths here create a truly relaxing experience.  They also offer kayaking and tubing if you want a more adventurous experience. 

sitting kawa bath kayak inn tibiao philippines
Sitting in the kawa bath looking out over the rice fields and river

              Tibiao is located on the western side of Panay Island, in central Philippines, and is relatively easy to get to.  You can either take a ferry or fly to Panay, which offers multiple ports and airports depending on where you are coming from.  From the north you can take a bus from Caticlan towards San Jose for two hours.  From Iloilo, going north through San Jose, it will take four hours.  If you tell your bus attendant that you are going to the kawa baths they will know where to let you off.  Once at the crossroad you can hire a habal-habal (moto) for 70 pesos to take you to Kayak Inn.

tibiao philippines location

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