Top 5 Things You Must Do in Palawan

             Palawan has been rated the most beautiful island in the world and it is easy to see why.  With so many white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, coral reefs, and tourist attractions it’s hard to decide just what to do.  So, I have put together a short list of my personal ‘top 5 things you must do in Palawan.’

5. Street Food


street food el nido palawan philippines

              No ‘To do list’ would be complete without the mention of food.  Palawan’s street food scene might not be the best in the Philippines, but it’s still worth mentioning.  The El Nido market had the best street food I found in Palawan and is worth a visit.  You can find an array of food items like: dynamites (deep fried cheese stuffed peppers), fried cheese sticks, an array of meat kebobs, and fried fish or squid balls.  My personal favorites are the dynamites and the buko (coconut) shakes.  

4. Maquinit Hot Spring


maquinit hot spring coron philippines

              Maquinit Hot Spring, located outside of Coron, might be the most tranquil place in all of Palawan.  One of the very few saltwater hot springs in the world, it is truly a find that can’t be missed.  The ocean water in these pools are heated by volcanic activity deep below and flow through the many layers of the pebble strewn pools.  It doesn’t get better than laying in a hot spring, surrounded by mangroves and tropical waters.  Maquinit Hot Spring is open from 8 am – 8 pm so is a great place for relaxing after a long day of hiking, diving, or island hopping.  

3. Secret Beach


secret beach el nido palawan philippines

Secret Beach is part of one of the island hopping tours based out of El Nido.  It is one of hundreds of amazing beaches in Palawan, but it is still one of a kind.  Hidden away inside a circle of craggy limestone walls, the beach is only accessible through a tiny cave that opens to the ocean, which is only open during low tide.  Once in the grotto, the water is still and clear and you can easily relax on this secret beach where none of the worries of the world can find you.

2. Palaweño Brewery


palaweno brewery puerto princesa philippines palawan

              Palaweño Brewery may not be a main attraction in Palawan and it is definitely not on most peoples to do list, but for beer lovers out there like me, it is a must visit.  Palaweño Brewery is the first craft brewery in Palawan and the first female led brewery in the Philippines.  They have an array of different styles so anyone should be able to find a beer for them.  For those trying to tick off a few more beers they have five regular beers, as well as a few seasonal.  Palaweño Brewery has great beer with a great vibe and is a must visit brewery in the heart of Puerto Princesa.

1. Underground River


underground river entrance puerto princesa philippines palawan

              The Underground River in Puerto Princesa may be one of Palawan’s biggest attractions.  It is one of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines and easily the most visited.  A tour of the Underground River takes you on a boat adventure down a subterranean river in a cave lit only by the light of your guide.  Each passenger is given an audio tour device in their preferred language while your guide points out key features within the cave, like stalagmites and bats, and even turn off his light for a brief moment to give you a feel of the darkness within the cave. 

Honorable Mention: Banul Beach


banul beach el nido philippines palawan

              Banul Beach, located on Coron Island, is a beach worth seeing when you’re in Coron.  The white sandy beaches are wrapped on three sides by a rugged limestone wall making it seem very secluded.  The water here is shallow and crystal clear making it a perfect place to either relax or snorkel. 

              Have you done any of these things?  What other places did you like in Palawan?

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