Coron Island Hopping

banul beach el nido philippines palawan
Banul Beach from the drone

              The town of Coron may be a sleepy little town for tourist’s standards, but the islands that surround the area are far from it.  The most prominent of these islands is the island of Coron (not to be confused with the city) just across the bay.  The island of Coron was the original site of the town till it was moved to its current location for more space.  The Tagbanua tribe still inhabit the island and have a title of Ancestral Domain over it, so all tourist that enter must pay a fee.

boat coron philippines palawan
The boat we rented to Coron

              To get there you can easily go to any of the tour companies in town a reserve a spot on any of the great tours that they have premade.  These are usually all day tour packages and include a lunch as well, but make sure that they also include the entrance fee to the island, as you have to pay a small fee every time you reach a destination on Coron.  If you do not want to go all day, want to create your own tour, or want a private tour, you can do that as well.  Just make your way down to Lualhati Park (10 pesos tricycle ride) and ask for a boat.  There are usually boat men waiting around and you can easily set up a tour.  A boat rental is 2000 pesos ($40) and there will usually be a captain and guide fee of about 500 pesos ($10) as well, plus the entrance fees for each location.  Everything but the entrance fees can be bargained, so use those skills if you have them.  

kayangan lake coron philippines palawan
Kayangan Lake

              The most famous spots on this island are Kayangan and Barracuda Lake.  These lakes, both located in the norther part of the island, are well known for their snorkeling and diving.  Both are about a ten minute hike up and over the ridge and are fairly easy to get to.  The water here is partly fresh and partly salt water and is crystal clear, offering some amazing views.  Don’t expect to be alone at either though.  Both of these sites are popular and usually have a lot of people.  
twin lagoon el nido philippines palawan
Twin Lagoon from drone

twin lagoon coron philippines palawan
Twin Lagoon from the water
              My two favorite spots were Twin Lagoon and Banul Beach.  The Twin Lagoon is two lagoons that are connected by a short cave that can only be accessed during low tide.  Upon arriving, your boat anchors outside the first lagoon and you must jump in and swim with a life vest to get into the lagoon.  The water here is deep and you can feel the mixture of fresh and salt water as the water temperature fluctuates around you.  The entire lagoon is surrounded by sheer cliffs of sharp jutting that characterize the island.  The short cave, located on the opposite side of the lagoon brings you to the second lagoon which is shallow enough to stand.  The water here is crystal clear and resonates the beauty of the Palawan area. 
banul beach coron philippines palawan
Banul Beach

              A short boat ride around the point from Twin Lagoon is Banul Beach.  White sandy beaches and crystal clear water surrounded by cliffs of sharp limestone define the look of this amazing beach.  Whether you are wanting to see some fish and coral while snorkeling, swim in the clear shallow water, or lay on the beach this is the perfect get away. Banul Beach is the perfect combination of both a fun tropical beach and a secret get away rolled into the unspoiled beach.

coron island philippines palawan
Coron island

No matter what you are looking for, the sheer beauty of Coron and its endless possibilities of fun and adventure is something that is not to be missed.

coron island philippines location

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