My Home: Third Year

               For my third year extension with Peace Corps I moved to Diego and served as the Volunteer Leader for the north of Madagascar.  The following is a video of the Peace Corps regional office, transit house, and my home.  Enjoy!

              Here is a video of my house that I lived in for my first two years of service in Vondrozo, Madagascar.

The Beautiful Islands of St. Marie & Ile aux Natte

ile natte madagascar beach view
View of Île aux Nattes from the bay.

            I took my last vacation in Madagascar on two small islands off the eastern coast of Madagascar; Île Sainte-Marie and Île aux  Natte.  St. Marie has been on my ‘To Do’ list since I first arrived in Madagascar and I was extremely happy to finally get the chance to see it.  The island, though it brings in a lot of both international and Malagasy tourists, doesn’t have too much of a touristy feel to it and one can easily get away and be immersed in the Malagasy way of life there. 

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