me brown lemur andasibe
Me with a Brown Lemur in Andasibe

           Lemurs, one of the most well known animals in Madagascar, are just one of the many animals that are indigenous to Madagascar.  These primates, looking something like the mixture of a monkey and a dog, can be found across the whole of the island, though most of the species are contained within small localized areas.  “Madagascar is so important for primates that primatologists divide the world into four major regions: the whole of South and Central America, all of southern and southeast Asia, mainland Africa, and Madagascar, which ranks as a full-fledged region all by itself,” says Russell Mittermeir (primatologist and Conservation International president).  There are 105 different species and subspecies of lemur in Madagascar, 90% of which are endangered. Here are just a few of the different species that I have seen.

diademed sifaka andasibe
Diademed Sifaka in Andasibe

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