New Job

            As the title says, my two years of regular service with the Peace Corps has come to an end and I have extended my service for a third year in a new job.  I am still a volunteer with the Peace Corps and am still living in Madagascar, but I no longer live in Vondrozo nor teach English.  My new job has me living in Diego Suarez (usually just referred to as Diego, for short, or by the Malagasy name, Antsiranana), a much larger city in the northern tip of Madagascar.  I live above the Peace
Corps Diego Meva (transit house) and work out of its office.  My new role with the Peace Corps is as the PCVL (Peace Corps Volunteer Leader) for the northern part of Madagascar.  In my new post I will play a part in the administration of the region, as well as in other facets of Peace Corps Madagascar, and give support to the many volunteers in my area.  I will also be working closely with the new Grassroots Soccer initiative that is being rolled out in Madagascar.  Although most of my work will not be ‘on the ground’ with the local community like my previous site, I look forward to working with the volunteers around me and the support I can bring to them from my experience gained as a volunteer.   
            To see some pictures of my new town/area you can also view Varatraza (Northern Winds)

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