My Teaching Has Come to an End

            Last month marked the end of my two years as a teacher here in Madagascar; at least here at the Lycee Vondrozo.  I have taught 574 students, eight classes (yea that’s a lot of students per class), in the two years that I have taught here.  It has been an experience that I will never forget.  It was rewarding in so many ways, but it was far from easy; many of the best experiences in life seldom are.  Although I most likely will never teach again here in Vondrozo I know that my teaching career is doubtlessly far from over and the experience gained and the many things that I have learned here will
help me greatly in the future endeavors.  (Here are some links to some of my older blog posts about my teaching experience: A Different School Culture, New School Year, The First Exam, The Proclamation!, Second Proclamation, Assembly, Student Week, School Week).

One of my classes taking their final exam.

Number of students in each class

Me teaching one of my friends classes
My final proclamation.

A few of the teachers and me sporting our school track suits

Main building of my school

My classrooms

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