Tratry ny fetim-pirenena! Happy Independence Day!

June 26 signifies the independence of Madagascar from France. This year marks 56 years of independence and like always there was a huge party to celebrate the occasion. (You can read a detailed description of last years Independence Day in Vondrozo here or in Mantasoa two years ago here.) Like last year, everyday of the week proceeding independence day was marked by individual parties and performances of dancing and singing on the podium at the Commune. The morning of Independence Day itself was unfortunately marred by a down pour of rain, but that did not stop the celebrations. After the flag was raised and the national anthem sung the new Chef District (similar to
a county mayor) for the District of Vondrozo was formally welcomed. This was followed by an array of speeches given by the prominent government officials in Vondrozo. After all of the speeches were over a few groups performed dances in front of the stage. At this point the rain really started to come down but the celebrations continued with a parade of police and military, students (divided into each of their schools), and organizations. After the official independence celebrations were over all of the lehibes went to the Chef Districts house for drinks and snacks. The rest of the day after lunch was divided into the soccer finals for Vondrozo and separate parties thrown by the different organizations.

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