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            Those of you that follow me on Facebook have probably noticed that I have been posting pictures of Madagascar with the hashtag #OutandAbout. This has been part of a photo challenge that has a different theme each month with ten different photos prompts aligned with it.  During the ‘Out and About’ challenge I tried to show images from around Madagascar so that viewers could see the differences of this great country.  Madagascar has many different terrains, tribes, dialects, housing, ext but it is still one country, one island, one people. 
            This challenge has had me show many different terrains from all over Madagascar taken
during my many adventures. I hope that it has given viewers at least a small glimpse of the many great things and places this country has to offer.  The next challenge theme will be ‘People’ and I hope through it to show both the differences and oneness of the people of Madagascar.  
One of the many river crossings on our bike ride to Fort Dauphin. #Adventure

Rainy day in Vondrozo.

Basketball game between my High School and the Premier Private school in my town, Vondrozo, during School week. One of the many events that the students participate in.
Red dirt road on the way to the Alley of Baobabs in Western Madagascar.

Some wall art of a Malagasy store in Tana, Madagascar.
Alley of Baobabs in Morondava, Madagascar.

Waterfall in Isalo National Park.
Sunset in Morondava, Madagascar.
Golden Sifaka (lemur) in Andasibe, Madagascar. # ThingsILove

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