Morondava, located on the west coast of Madagascar, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists.  The town itself is sits on the coast of the Mozambique Channel and is the starting point for many different excursions along the coastal area.  The two main attractions of this area is the Alley of Baobabs and the Tsingy, sandstone rock formations created by erosion.  The Alley of Baobabs, the only excursion that I did, is a short car ride outside of town on a red dirt road.  As you travel down the dirt road between rice paddies and through small stream crossings you are inundated with the beauty of the Malagasy countryside.  The rice paddies and roadside become dotted more and
more frequently with the Baobab trees until you come across the alley itself.  After parking the car, you walk down the alley with these huge bulbous trees towering over you.  Along the alley there are also vendors selling anything from wooden baobab carvings, small saplings, and baobab fruit, as well as children coming up to you with chameleons on sticks allowing you take pictures for a small price. 

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