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            I have lived in Madagascar for about 1 ½ years now and things that were once weird or strange to me at arrival have now become just part of my normality.  Things that I originally thought were weird or rude for others to do I now find I do myself.  It is hard once you have become integrated into a culture to look at it with open eyes and see those things you once saw as so different.  Following are a series of tweets relating just some those things:

  • The closed gate means nothing to you.  How about the doorway?  Nope.  What if I ignore you?  Ok don’t care.  Well then welcome to my house.

  • Right away for the road: Chicken-car-moto-bike-people.  That’s right; they would run the car off the road to avoid a chicken.

  • Gasy people are wizards at fixing anything.  Just saw them tie the broken axel of the brousse back on with a strip of bike tire tube. 

  • With all these random animals my house is a regular zoo and I’m the main attraction.  Come one, come all, and watch the Vazaha. 

  • I saw that! The brousse drivers are never that stealthy handing over bribes to the Gendarme. 

  • Where’s the bathroom? Where ever you might be when the urge comes.

  • There are chickens everywhere!!! Chickens in the road, chickens in the yard, chickens coming in the house, chickens roaming everywhere. 

  • Need a little money or donation? Have a bottle? There is a market for empty bottles to be used for the storage of anything. 

  • Dogs are the lowest life form here.  They have no place in the family and will be kicked, shooed away, or something thrown at them.  Buts cats are ok.

  • That was a child driving motorcycle!

  • Need a ride? We can fit at least 3 people comfortably on this bike.


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