MSC (Mid-Service Conference) marks the halfway point of my service here in Madagascar.  It is more of a training than a conference but it is one of three times that all of the volunteers from my stage come together.  It is a great opportunity for all of us to catch up on what is new in everyone’s life and to learn what has been happening at their sites.  Not to mention that it is a time for us to enjoy the PCTC (Peace Corps Training Center) and all of the amazing foods that we get to eat.  It is also during this time that we get our mid-service physical and teeth cleaning. 
            This MSC would be the first one in which our counterparts would also be joining us in Mantasoa for the training.  This was not something that most people were looking forward to.  I was ok with my counterpart being there, he is a really good friend of mine and is also very laid back, but others knew that they would have to be more reserved with theirs there and as such we had nothing planned for the entire week.  We arrived the evening before our counterparts did and so had that evening to fully spend, untethered if you will, with each other.  Once the week of training was over we returned to Tana for a meeting with our new Country Director.

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