One Year In

            Today marks one year of me being in Madagascar.  It is strange to think how just one year ago my stagemates and I were stepping off a plane onto a small runway at the airport in Tana and were walking towards the training that would prepare us for the lives we would soon lead.  Seeing today, on Facebook, the picture of the newly arrived stage of Education volunteers outside the airport, it reminded me of the way we looked and thought when we first arrived.  All of us clean and primp, wide eyed, and childish looking compared to now.  Some of us had never been out of the country, or their state even; some never having been to a developing country; some never having taught before;
all new trainees and soon, in three months from then, new Peace Corps Volunteers.  As we boarded the vans with a bunch of people we had only just meet a day or two ago, we had no idea what lay before us or what to expect from it.  The time has flown from then to now; most of it in a blink of an eye it seems.  Admittedly, our PST (Pre Service Training) was not part of this time that flew.  It felt like it took a life time.  But it was a good time and great friendships were created that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.  Once at site the time did fly, and I think you can ask anyone of us and we would say that a lot but not enough was done.  We all made it through training and most of us have made it to this point, but not all.  To most of those that have left this great country and service I was sorry to see you go, though it was for good reasons, and I hope to see you again.  To those still here a wish you a great rest of your service.  The next three months is Grande Vacance, though most of us have chosen to continue other work and will have very little vacation.  Then we have still another year of service to continue our work and accomplish those things we have yet to finish. 

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