Zandry to Zoky in No Time Flat

            The way that Peace Corps Madagascar is set up, the new Agriculture/Health volunteers install into their new sites in the Sud Est at the end of April and the new Education volunteers in the beginning of September.  So being an Education volunteer, I have the longest time of being the zandry (younger sibling).  As of today, the new Health volunteers showed up in the Sud Est and I am officially not the youngest stage anymore.  This is a weird feeling.  As zoky (older sibling) we are expected to be knowledgeable and to show the newbies the ropes, but I am not wholly sure I want all of that responsibility.  It also brings me closer to that half way mark in my service; something that is
both looked forward to and feared at the same time.  It brings to so many things to question; namely ‘what have I done?’ and ‘what will I do after?’  Getting new people in our region is a cool thing though.  Due to this last COS (close of service) we lost a lot of people from our region; either returning to the States or extending in other parts of the country.  This new installation brings us five new volunteers to the region that seem to be really cool people. 
            Having been elected as the new regional VAC leader, I had the responsibility to welcome the new volunteers to the region.  To do this, some of the volunteers from the area and I, went to Manakara to welcome three of the newbies that were being installed out of there; the other two being installed in a different group.  When they arrived we ate lunch with them and then we took a walk around town to show them all of the important things they needed to know.  Later that evening we went out to dinner where we talked with the new volunteers about Sud Est tradition and answered any questions they had about language and culture in the area.  After that we went to Rory’s house, the volunteer living in Manakara, and made a bonfire and I led my first induction of new volunteers as a VAC Rep.  

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