The Long Ride

            Having made a brousse reservation for today to Fara, I made my way into town at nine o’clock.  As I made my walk up into town I was happy in knowing that I was going to have the front seat; the most coveted seat on my brousse route since it is the only comfortable seat on this long and bumpy ride.  As I made my way up I ran into a few people that told me that no brousse had arrived the day before, but still I walked into town.  Arriving there I found out that they were right and was told by the man that ran the ‘brousse station’ that a cameon was on its way and would be there at noon.  Hearing this I decided to get some breakfast, my daily compuse (a dish made by mixing noddles with a bunch of other foods), and then return home to


            Not long after leaving church, just enough time for me to go home and eat lunch, the word had spread throughout Vondrozo that I had been to church.  Word here in Madagascar spreads like wildfire and people all over the country will know things faster than you can believe.  For the rest of the day everyone was stopping to ask me if I had gone and telling me that it was beautiful and/or that I should come to their church.  Which I readily agreed to do, since I am wanting to observe all aspects of Malagasy culture. 
Religion plays a significant role in the lives of the Malagasy people.  Whether it is

Second Proclamation

I have already wrote about what happens during the Proclamation in a separate post located here. So I will not rewrite it again, but what follows are some pictures of my second proclamation (more to come at a latter date when I have better internet connection).

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