Vac #2

            This weekend my region had its second VAC meeting and the first one for me to lead.  The VAC itself was in Amporoforo, a small village in the Sud Est and the site of one of our PCV’s.  Different from the previous VAC, it was decided to couple the VAC meeting with work and host a girl’s club/opening of the new basketball court that Banaz had built at her CEG (the equivalent of a middle/intermediate school in the States).  The first night of VAC we had our meeting which was started with the election of a new VAC representative and warden.  I was elected VAC Rep and Julissa was elected Warden.  Once the elections were over I lead the meeting by reading the National
VAC notes I had been sent by the previous VAC Rep. 
            The following day was started by a class lead by Bri about the use of Ananambo, a leaf that has a lot of nutritious characteristics.  This was followed by the volunteers giving out jerseys to the girls that had come from their sites.  After lunch we had a ceremony to commemorate the new basketball court.  During this commemoration a few of the girls presented dances and the volunteers showed them how to do the Cupid Shuffle and Wobble.  Once the dances were over, the games began.  First there was a game between the girls of two of the villages ending in a draw, 0-0.  Next was a game between the girl PCV’s and one of the villages ending in a draw, 9-9. That was then followed by a game by mixed teams of gendarme, guys that had come to help, and Greg and me; not sure the final score but my team lost.  After the games we ate dinner and then made s’mores. 

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