Lycee Had A Special Visitor

            Today my Lycee (high school) had a special guest visitor, the Director of Education for my region.  There had been a big party planned outside in the school courtyard but do to heavy rain we were forced to move the whole thing into one of the classrooms.  So after the room had been prepped everyone piled in and the room soon was filed with teachers, soon to be teachers, and officials of all levels.  Not wanting to be jammed in with so many people my sitemate and me hung around outside until we were asked to come in and sit in the front row; a row completely empty except for us. This we knew would inevitably happen since it happens at every event we attend or happen to
unknowingly wonder by.  Once in the Director of Education gave a speech followed by all of the other higher officials in the town; namely Chef de Cisco (person in charge of the schools in Vondrozo) and the new Chef de District (person in charge of the district [can be compared to a U.S. county] which Vondrozo is the capitol of).  Once all of the speeches were finished, the Minister of Education then called all of the soon to be new teachers from our area, one by one, to receive there certificate as a government paid teacher.  This was followed by all of these teachers having a short dance at their seats in celebration.  The Minister of Education then presented the Lycee with 50 new Galaxy tablets which was greatly received.  After all of the official ceremonial stuff was finished everyone filed out of the room to another classroom for drinks and snacks.  As soon as all of the adults left the first room the students quickly jumped in to make use of the sound system that had been set up for the speeches and used them for their own personal dance party.  

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