Going to Church

I woke up this morning and went to meet Donald at the Lutheran Church, which I had promised to do the night before.  I had planned to meet him there at 8:30 am, but not thinking about gasy time I arrived there at 8 and waited till he showed up shortly before 9.  As I stood outside the church during the interim time, I greeted the people I knew that were also showing up to the church early.  The church itself is of a relatively large size; standing at approximately 30’X 60’.  The building is a grey cinder block building with a corrugated metal roof; mostly rectangular in shape except for an outcrop of 5’ on each side of the rear of the building.  Each of these outcrops has doors leading into small rooms which each have doors leading onto the stage at the rear of the building. 


            I recently posted pictures up of my trip to Mauritius and had planned on leaving it at that, but I was recently asked to also write up a post as to what it was that I did while I was there and a little about the country itself.  First I should give a little background information about the country itself.  Mauritius is a small island country to the east of Madagascar.  The country, before it gained its independence, was once a part of the British Empire and is where Britain first tried out its “Great Experiment,” in which it abolished slavery and imported indentured servants as a labor force.  Most



Just a few pics from Mauritius.

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