Oh How I Loath You

           I have never really thought about animals that I disliked, hated even, till I came to Madagascar.  During my time here though, a list of animals has formed that I have grown to hate.  Below is a list of those animals, in order as they made the list.
  1. Geese (My host families geese used to guard the kabone every time I wanted to use it, but they are also just mean, loud, sassy, annoying creatures in general.)
  2. Pigeons (I have a family of them that live above my ceiling and make a lot of noise at all hours.)
  3. Flies (Flies in Madagascar are the most relentless animals I have ever seen and they will never leave you alone till you leave their area.)
  4. Rats (I think everyone knows why…they get into your food, but they also chewed holes in my US soccer jersey and my favorite hoodie.  Also the rat I have is ‘The Brain.’ He out smarts my traps and laughs at me; he also eats poison but does not die or is storing it up for some evil purpose.)
  5. Ants (They are almost impossible to get rid of and get into everything the rats do not. They also build dirt piles in my house everyday as forward operating bases…)

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