Filling That Empty Time

            No one ever tells you when you are filling out the application for Peace Corps, or at any time between the thought popping up in your head and the time you get to country, just how much free time you will really have during your service.  They do however mention it during your training, but this is easily over looked as something that will not be a problem for you.  ‘I never get bored.’  ‘I can sit forever doing nothing and be ok.’  ‘I have all these hobbies I can work on.’  ‘I am going to read all these books or do all this writing.’  ‘I will always be working on some new project.’  Although these may take some of your time and are all noble efforts at passing the time, you will still find yourself
with all this other time.  Either it is that you can not find a project to work on, finished or became bored with that hobby/book/writing, or find that you really do have a limit to how long you can sit there and do nothing, you come to realize…”I really have a lot of time on my hands.”  Not that you do not have a ton of work to do during your service, because you do.  Between your primary job, your secondary projects, all the meetings and trainings you go to, it is hard to fathom where all this other time came from.  But its there.  You pick up new hobbies and you try new things, but somehow time still remains.  So you turn to how you use to be, how we all used to be as kids, and start enjoying all the little things.  For instance, seeing that trail of ants and dropping water (spitting really, your not going to waist your water) on the trail and then sitting back and watching as the ants scurry crazily around in a confused mass trying to figure out what just happened and where they are supposed to go.  You learn to enjoy those little moments in life and find solace in their ability to pass the time. 

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