Weathering the Storm

            This past week I experienced my first big storm in Madagascar as tropical storm Chedza passed across the island. A storm formed in the Mozambique Channel and crossed the island, exiting in the SudEst.  The storm caused fourteen deaths, displaced tens of thousands, and caused countless damage in Madagascar.  Many parts of the SudEst, mainly the coastal areas, were flooded up to the roofs of the houses.  I myself, living in Vondrozo, did not have to worry about flooding as much since my area is very hilly and most of the water simply flows down.  This flow of water does cause one major problem, which was the cause of most of the deaths, and that is mudslides.  There was only one major mudslide in Vondrozo and although it did not injure anyone it blocked the road into town.  The
rains also made the already bad road from Fara to Vondrozo all but impassable; stopping all brusse transportation between the two towns.  I personally fared fairly well.  Besides having multiple leaks in my roof, my windows, and my door, which caused half the floor in my house to become a constant large puddle, I had no problems.  The flooding did take out the main water pump causing the water at my local pump to be turned off.  This was easily remedied by putting buckets outside to catch the ample water flowing off my roof.  
The storm is coming.

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