Tratry ny Taona!

Tratry ny taona (Happy New Years)! This week I brought in my first New Years in Madagascar.  I spent a few days with some of my friends in Loharano, a resort 30 miles north of Manakara.  It is located on the shore of a lagoon on one side, with the ocean only a minute walk on the opposite side.  The water level in the lagoon, we were told was not normal, was very low; it only came up to our knees when we were in it, which was great.  We were able to take advantage of the water level being so low by playing a few games of ultimate Frisbee in the water.  The ocean, on the other hand, was a different story.  It has to be the strongest ocean I have ever been in.  The water level
at the first breakers was fairly shallow with an insane undertow and waves that would knock you off your feet, and did on a few occasions.  A few of us took advantage of these strong waves by body surfing till they left us beached on the sand.  Once past the first breakers though the sand dropped off and the water got very deep.  Our meals consisted of mostly seafood (lobster, crab, shrimp), but we had duck and goose for our New Years Eve dinner.
            The Sud Est being big on biking, we decided to bike out to Loharano on the first day of our trip.  Leaving Manakara at 5 am we started our ride down the main (concrete) road that would take us to the turn off point about 15 miles away.  From that point on it was a dirt road across rolling hills till we arrived at the village beside the resort.  From there it as a short, but beautiful, ride down a tree tunneled trail to the resort.  Once at the resort we hung out for a bit and watched a lemur play around on the table till time for dinner.  The following day, New Years Eve, was started with a game of Settlers of Catan.  This was followed by a team tournament of both Cornhole and Beer Frisbee.  After the tournament was over we then played a game of ultimate Frisbee in the lagoon.  When night finally fell we began to prepare for the New Year, which included more ‘games,’ dancing, and glowsticks (provided by another PCV).  We brought in the New Year in the rain amongst great friends.  New Years Day was a lazy day for all of us.  Not having any water, we turned to drinking coconut juice and created a huge pile of coconuts.  The day was spent hanging out on the pier, beach, or in the lagoon.  The following day, our last day, we woke up, ate breakfast and began our ride back to Manakara.  

Catan in Mada.

Corn Hole

Beer Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

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  1. Great hearing about your adventures since the last time you posted. So pretty, know you are loving this lifestyle. So glad you've had the opportunity and are enjoying it so! Keep up the journaling for us & pics!


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