The Proclamation!

            Today the Lycee had our first proclamation of the year.  The proclamation is where the students receive their report cards for the previous trimester.  Here in Madagascar this is done a bit different than what you would experience in the States.  For starters the proclamation happened on a slightly rainy Saturday morning in the open court yard in the middle of the Lycee compound.  All students must attend the proclamation to receive their report card otherwise they have to pay a fee at a later date.  The students and teachers are not the only ones to attend the proclamations either.  This
events turns out to be a community wide event, which adds to the effect of the proceedings. 
            To receive their report card, each class at a time comes and stands in front of the provisuers office, often times in the rain.  Then each students name is called, from highest class average to the lowest.  As each students name is called they walk up to the desk to receive their card and then go stand in the courtyard, making a line of students.  This is repeated for each class.  The first few students of each class, those with the highest averages, receive a round of applause as they walk forward.  As the number of those still waiting get smaller there is a since of excitement on the face of each student as their name called; knowing they are not the last.  Once this number gets down to about five all joy falls from the faces of the students still left waiting as jeers and laughter fly at them from the on looking crowd.  

These pictures are not of the proclamation, but of my classes a few weeks afterwards. To see pictures of a future Proclamation click here.

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