A Tropical Christmas

            I have been asked to write what I did for Christmas in Madagascar, but since I did not do much this post will be short.  Having spent the week previous to Christmas in Tana on a business trip, I spent the day before Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Eve itself in a hellish attempt to try and make it back to Vondrozo for Christmas.  There were no brusses going from Tana to the Sud Est, which is unusual, so I caught what would be the last brusse out to Fianar.  Arriving in Fianar the following morning, Christmas Eve, I found out that there were no more spots on the brusses going to Farafangana, but was able to find one seat going to Manakara.  So calling ahead to Manakara, where
a friend was about to leave to go to Farafangana to meet me, I asked my friend to reserve a brusse for the two of us and to wait for my arrival.  Arriving in Manakara shortly after lunch, we got on our brusse and made our way to Farafangana; only to find out that there would be no brusse to Vondrozo till after Christmas.  So we spent Christmas on the beach in Farafangana.

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