The Proclamation!

            Today the Lycee had our first proclamation of the year.  The proclamation is where the students receive their report cards for the previous trimester.  Here in Madagascar this is done a bit different than what you would experience in the States.  For starters the proclamation happened on a slightly rainy Saturday morning in the open court yard in the middle of the Lycee compound.  All students must attend the proclamation to receive their report card otherwise they have to pay a fee at a later date.  The students and teachers are not the only ones to attend the proclamations either.  This

The Hardest ride in Madagascar!!!

            I have, since finding out that I was going to be living in Vondrozo, wanted to bike the 44 miles from Vondrozo (where I live) to Farafangana (my banking town).  Today, wanting to save money and get in some miles on my bike, I finally decided to do it.  Having packed my saddlebags the night before I had planned on leaving at 5 am, but upon waking up and finding that it was raining outside I had to wait and debate if I really wanted to make the trip by bike at all.  I knew the road would be a mess after a rain like that and it would make an already hard ride even harder.  I knew that the worst part of the ride was the first part, with its steep and rocky climbs and downhills and its
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