A Malagasy Thanksgiving

            Before I start, I know Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, but we are 9 hours ahead of the US and it was the first time we could get most of the Sudesters together.  The Sudest Thanksgiving was at a volunteer’s house in Manakara.  He and another volunteer prepared the turkey and the rest of us prepared and brought the other dishes; except me and Greg, we were not at home to cook so we just bought the drinks.  With the lack of an oven the turkey had to be cooked in a different method.  So the way they prepared it was to dig a hole in the back yard, put some coals in it, put the turkey (seasoned and wrapped in hemp) in the hole, add more coal, and cover it back up with dirt; essentially creating a natural oven.  While we waited we snacked on a gunny sack size bag of lychees
and fried sakay balls as appetizers.  Once the turkey was finished and carved we surprised Rory, his birthday having been a few days earlier, with a birthday cake and then all filed in line to fill our plates with mac & cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and turkey and gravy.  Once we were done with dinner we then went for a dessert of birthday cake and/or pumpkin pie.  
(Sorry I have no pictures, but I will try to find someone else who does and upload them later.)

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