Ode to the Volunteer Families

            I have been told by some of my Stagemates that they have been guiding their family members to my blog.  So this post goes out to all of the families of Volunteers in my Stage that have been looking in and following what we have been up too. 
            Your kid, sibling, cousin, whatever they may be, is an amazingly awesome person.  I feel privileged and am happy to have gotten the chance to spend the last few months with them.  Through the good and bad, ups and downs, they were there for each other, if only in their own special way.  Many great friendships were formed with them that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.  I am honored to know them and to get to serve with them.   They are going to be doing some awesome work here in Madagascar and helping so many people better their lives.  It takes a special person, I think, to leave
behind the place and people they know and all of the niceties and luxuries of American life to volunteer in a foreign land where they will have to learn a new language, way of life, and live with the bare essentials in a way most Americans could probably never even fathom.  It is in them that one can find the best characteristics in humanity.  So I thank you for sparing your time with them so they could join the Peace Corps and come here to Madagascar to volunteer.  Thank you!
            With that, I would like to thank you for tuning in to my blog these last few months and though all the volunteers have gone their own way, I hope that you will keep checking in to see what I am up too.  It is very possible that it will be somewhat similar to what you volunteer is doing and could possibly feature them at some point.  Also (this goes for my family and friends as well), if there is ever anything you would like me to write about or to explain/describe in more detail please feel free to comment or e-mail me.  Thank You!

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