Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…Wait, What Mirror?

            I have gone almost two weeks now without a mirror and without ever knowing how I look and I have to say it is somewhat liberating.  For the first few days it was a little nerve racking trying to keep up appearances so I could go into town to meet everyone and not knowing if I truly was.  Though after a few days this feeling began to dissipate as I started to realize I could only do what I could with what I had.  The only problem lays in my need to see myself to trim my beard.  This has lead to little ingenuity on my part.  I have come to realize that the lid to my water filter works as a fairly good mirror, till I find a real one, and by hooking it to the door handle can serve as a mirror for trimming.  And so, now after almost two weeks, I have finally seen what I now look like. 

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