I Finally Have Furniture

            So I was told that my furniture was finished and that it would be arriving today on the taxi brusse, so the Proviseur, Greg, Marolahy, and I waited at one of the local hotelys for it to arrive.  When it finally arrived at 9 pm this evening it was already dark and the bed having arrived in pieces to be able to fit in the brusse, was unloaded there in the middle of town.  I paid the brusse driver the fare for the shipment and then the Proviseur, not wanting to carry the furniture the long distance back to the Lycee, hired three guys to haul it for us.  Walking behind these guys carrying my furniture, with my insanely bright headlamp lighting there way, made me feel extremely colonial.  Not a nice feeling to have, especially when your new in town and everyone still thinks your French because they
just got out from under France’s colonial power a short 54 years ago and every Vahaza they see is still French to them.  But that being said, my furniture finally made it to my house.  It was to dark to assemble my bed and having been eaten by to many mosquitoes the few nights before, I strung up my hammock between two of my windows and having my homemade hammock mosquito net I was able to get a good nights rest. 

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