First Bike Ride in the Sudest

            I decided today that I wanted to go on a bike ride and try to get back into cycling shape.  The Sudest is known for cycling and most of the volunteers in this region are cyclist.  So after I finished eating lunch, I got my bike and headed up to Greg’s house to meet him for the ride.  I could not have picked a hotter pat of the day.  I do not know how hot it was, but it had to be in the mid 90’s and on a clear day that tropical sun really beats down on you.  But we went anyways.  We decided to head down the southern road, a road that I had walked partly down two days ago while exploring and one that Greg had yet to explore.  The ride was beautiful.  Vondrozo is a beautiful place and, I think it can
be argued, may have some of the most beautiful views in all of Madagascar.  The road though was in almost no place flat, at least for very long.  This gave us some really fun, but rocky, down hills and tough uphill climbs.  After riding for an hour we came to a bridge over a little stream where we had to get off our bikes, do to the road being washed out much lower than the bridge.  Once off our bikes we decided that was a good place to stop and rest and then turn back to head home.  So we climbed out onto the rocks on the bank of the stream where we could get into some shade and rested.  After we had rested we got back on our bikes and headed back on what we were sure was going to be a much harder ride than coming out since it seemed that we had far more down hills on our way out.  This perhaps was the case, but we made it back much faster than we had made it out. 

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