End of a Chapter

            Today ends our time as Trainees in PST.  This morning we all loaded up all of our stuff in the Peace Corps cars and said goodbye to the Training Center for the last time till we return for IST (In Service Training).  For most of us, this was a happy time.  We have all been waiting for training to end so that we could get to our site and start our lives as PCV’s.  After saying our goodbyes and, for most of us, taking our motion sickness pills, we started our long, bumpy, winding ride to Tana.  Once in Tana the stage would be split again into two groups; one staying in the meva and the other at the Zenith hotel a few miles away.  I, along with the rest of the Sudest group and a few others, were at the hotel because we would be leaving the day after swearing in, where most of the people at the meva
would be there for a few days before installing.  Once we were settled in at the hotel, the Sudesters (Julissa, Efrain, Stephen and Clarissa, and I) and two other Trainees caught taxi’s and meet up at a Lebanese restaurant for dinner.  The restaurant was amazing and we were given so much food that we all had to take home a good portion of it. 

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