Circumcision Fety

             Circumcision is a huge event here in Madagascar and is the reason for one of the big parties that the people here throw.  Circumcision in Madagascar is not done when the boy is a baby like in the States though.  It is done when the boys are older (I am still acquiring into the details of the ceremony, but I believe that it is done anywhere between 5 and 10 years of age) and are knowledgeable enough to be scared and try to run away.  The party that I attended was hosted by Mr. Marolahy, at his house, and was for his sister’s son.  The circumcision and party started at 5 am this morning and consisted of a few ceremonial acts.  The most striking was that the grandfather of the boy eats the foreskin on a banana.  It is also customary, in all important circumstances, to bring some
money to the host.  The children, after the surgery lay out on the bed for the rest of the day and are attend to by their mother, while the party continues on around them.  The party itself is fairly segregated, with the adult men all setting around in the living room drinking, eating, and just talking to each other, while the kids and women mostly stay outside and dance.  Although the men will occasionally also join in on the dancing and in a few cases some of the women will join the men in the living room.  It should also be added that this is one of the few cases where it is seen as ok for the women to drink and get drunk publicly and many of them do it wholeheartedly.  This party originally started with just the family and friends, but then, just before noon, was joined by many more people from the community; most of which were women and children, but some of which were the head males of their communities.  For me, I spent most of my time in the living room listening and talking to the men, but did on occasion venture out to observe the rest of the party, take pictures, and dance to a few songs.  Once the party started to die down Greg and I departed and made our way back to our homes.

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