1st Vac

            This weekend was my first VAC (Volunteer Action Committee) since I have been at site.  Each region has their own VAC’s, every three months, in which the PCV’s in that region come together and talk about what the news is from the national VAC and what is new with each of us at our sites.  For this VAC it was decided that we would meet at a beachside ‘resort’ outside of Manakara, which was listed as an ‘edge of the world’ location.  To get there most of the PCV’s rode there bikes, but a few of us did not bring them so we took a moto posiposy.  Stacking all of our stuff in and on top of the moto posiposy, five of us climbed in and started to make our way to the hotel.  It turned out though that we were too heavy for the posiposy to make it through the soft sand road and
we had to get out many times to help push it out of the sand.  Once there we unpacked our stuff into the two bungalows that we had rented and then made our way down to the beach.   Here we set up Corn Hole and BeerFrisbee.  We spent the next few hours hanging out on the beach till it was time to prepare for that night.  So everyone, returning to the bungalows, began to put on their Halloween costumes (I was a Leprechaun?) and then met outside at a hut to prepare the brochettes for dinner.  After dinner, we made a bonfire where we had our actual VAC meeting.  The next day was a lot of the same activities on the beach.  This was split up with banana pancakes for breakfast, a huge pot of Mac n’ Cheese for lunch, and the hotel restaurant for dinner.  After dinner we played Cards Against Humanity followed by Sardines (a hide and seek type game).  

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