1st Recorded Strava Ride

            Today I decided to go on another bike ride down the northern road out of Vondrozo to the waterfalls/rapids.  This has become my favorite road to ride and is one that I have done a few times now.  It’s a beautiful ride with amazing scenery of rolling hills, forest, and rice fields.  It also has a few precarious ‘wooden bridge’ river crossings and ends (well I stop) at a set of rapids on the river.  The whole trip is on a red dirt ‘road,’ that in most places is washed out and rocky, but great for mountain biking.  Since my phone broke in Mantasoa I have not been able to record any of my rides till now.  I finally got a new smartphone (thank you Elena) and with it my Strava app.  So today, for
the first time in Madagascar, I was able to record my ride.  I also plan to continue recording them so you can follow me on Strava if you would like to see where I ride, my mileage, climbs, ext.  This ride was only 10 miles out and back, much shorter than I thought it was or than how it felt, but there was 882 ft climbed altogether in that mileage; not a small feat.  I also used my GoPro to record a video of the ride, which I will post as soon as I have free internet (videos and pictures, to lesser extent, take forever to upload and I have to pay by the minute).

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