Our Return to the PCTC

            Today all of the trainees moved out of our host homes and back to the PCTC.  Everyone was very excited about this, especially me.  Being back at the PCTC allows us to make our own decisions on so many things we were not able to do before.  We can choose if we want to eat or not, when we go to bed, and so many other things that leave us with a filling of freedom that we did not have at our host homes.  We also are able to hangout with everyone when ever we want.  At our host homes we were not able to do this as easily due to the distance between each of our houses and having to be
back at our host homes before dark. 
            To celebrate we all decided to throw a return party.  In doing this, a few of us made the trek all the way to the bar in Mantasoa, about two miles, and back to get alcohol.  This was not an easy task.  You can image four guys with 30 plus liter backpacks completely filed with bottles making the trek, up hill, on the way back.  These packs were insanely heavy, but it was completely worth it.  In celebration of this day we also decided to buy the promotional bottle of whiskey that the bar had.  This bottle was huge, three liters, but only cost 38,000 Ar ($19), which we paid for mostly with our beer fund that we had been saving for this day.  
The Gold 8 bottle on the right is a normal size beer bottle, the THB next to it is the most popular beer in Mada, and next to that is the whiskey bottle.


  1. What was the wildest thing you ate at the host home?

    1. Most of the stuff that I ate at my host home was pretty normal, but I think that the weirdest thing would have to be the fish. That's just because it was served whole; scales, bones, and head


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