Mefloquine Took a Turn for the Worst

            Madagascar is a malaria country so Peace Corps trainees/volunteers have to take malaria prophylaxis to keep from getting malaria.  On the day that we got here Peace Corps started us all on Doxycycline, which has to be taken everyday.  After two weeks of taking this and forgetting on multiple occasions I got the chance and decided to switch to Mefloquine, which only has to be taken once a week.  This is so much easier to remember and it also gives you really vivid dreams for a few nights which is pretty cool.  So I have been taking Mefloquine for the past few weeks and it has been well till last night.  Last night it took a turn for the worst. My vivid dream turned into a nightmare
with me unable to move from my bed and a ghoul slowly reaching out to me.  I woke up from this dream and was still in a dream that continued to be a nightmare.  When I finally woke up from this dream I was unable to go back to sleep; no matter how hard I tried.  It was a total inception dream and was horrible.  The ability to only take it once a week is good enough for me to test it out for a few more weeks and hope that this was just a once of occurrence. 

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