Had My LPI Today…

            So today I had my first LPI, which is our test to see how we are doing with our Malagasy language training.  We had one today, mid-training, then we will have another one at the end of training, which will determine if we get to go to site or not.  This LPI is to determine where we are with our training and what aspects we need help with.  To pass this test we had to have Novice High or higher, which basically means that you are able to understand question words and put together simple sentences.  In the days prior to the test I did not fell very confident with my language ability and was dreading this day.  We did though, the two days prior to the test, have mock LPI test with our
Language Trainers so that they could help us prepare.  I took away from these mock LPIs a series of possible questions that I might be asked and was told that if I prepared for those questions I would have no problem with the test.  So I studied each question and prepared great answers for all of them, as well as prepared answers for possible questions that could come from my answers.  After doing this I was feeling fairly confident about taking the test this morning.  That confidence was very short lived though.  While taking the test I was not asked any of the questions I had prepared for and had to make up answers as I went along and also had to do a mock scenario with the tester which I had no idea was a possibility.  At the end of it I was not confident that I had done well at all and this feeling was exasperated by the tester telling me that I had done “eo…eo… (in this sense eo eo means kind of okay).”   So the rest of the day was spent thinking I had just bombed my first language test…

*I have received my test results from my LPI and I am happy to announce that I passed.  I received Novice High, which is the minimum requirement, but it is still passing. 

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