Final LPI

Monday, 8/18/14
            Today we took our final LPI to determine if we had the language level to continue our service.  To pass the LPI we had to receive Intermediate Low, which is just slightly higher than what we needed for our mid PST LPI.  Going into the LPI I was pretty nervous about the test, although I do not know why.  After the LPI I felt fairly good about the test, but we will see soon what I made.

Wednesday, 8/20/14
            After waiting all day we finally found out if we passed the test today.  I failed… It turns out t
hat I was also the reason why it took so long for us to find out if we passed.  Apparently they were debating on whether or not I should pass and I ended up losing.  So now I have to take the test again on Friday.

Friday, 8/22/14
            So today in preparation of the new LPI I did a few mock LPI’s with some of the PC staff.  Afterwards I felt really confident and at least my mock LPI’s was doing really well.  So this evening I decided to take the actual LPI and I passed. 

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