Peace Crops Application Timeline


Joining the Peace Corps can be a big life changing decision. There is no grantee that you will get in, where you will go, or what you will be doing when you get there, but the rewards are far worth the effort. Although the process has changed a bit since I applied back in 2013, the timeline seems to somewhat the same. The timeline can differ from person to person and for each sector and country.


I have had a few people ask me about the timeline of my application process, so I have decided to post a bulleted version of it.  What follows are just the events and dates that I found important.  There were a few other follow up interviews and questionnaires that I had to also fill out, but I think the following gives a good idea about the time frame between the major events.  If there is any questions about any of the events or anything fill free to comment or e-mail me.

Applied to Peace Corps:     June 4
Had my 1st interview:         July 9
Nominated:                         July 15
Placement interview:          November 20
Received my invitation:     November 29
Staging:                              June 8

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