My First Sickness

So I have just got over my first sickness here in Madagascar.  Fortunately it was not a bad one, but only the common cold (and not really that bad of a cold).  The bad ones are still to come and there is no doubt that I will be checking off a few boxes of international diseases while I am here in Madagascar.  This sickness all started a few days ago when the weather turned for the worst and it started raining and continued to be cold.  I was not the only, nor the first, trainee to get sick, nor was I the worst.  Although for the most part I did the same as I would have done in the States (nothing) to
fight this sickness, it was good “medical training” for us all.  Here in Madagascar and in the Peace Corps in general, the volunteers are handed a medical kit and told not to call the doctor unless it is urgent.  We are told what the stuff in the medical kit does and how and when to use it.  We also have training sessions on diseases, how to take care of ourselves, and when we really should call the doctors.  And for worried family members, the doctors are great and will drive or fly to save us if they need to.  Needless to say I am better now. 
This brings me to my next point.  While I was sick I did not really feel like staying up “late” (after 7:30 – 9…I know, I know. This is still Justin talking, but training is very exhausting) and so I did not write for this blog, nor will I probably do so while still in training unless something I think is important happens.  I have language training from 8 – 12 (and every meal can be counted as language training as well), other training from 2 – 5, and studying 5 till dinner.  My day is insanely packed with training activities and it is only going to get worse as training goes on.  I will continue to post small blogs of things I think of or of important material or just pictures, but currently can not spend the time to type out full daily blogs each day. 

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