Life in the Compound

Thursday, 6/12/14

peace corps training center sign mantasoa madagascar
Entry sign for the Peace Corps Training Center in Madagascar.

Life at the training center compound is awesome!!!  It is in the Mantasoa area, which is amazingly beautiful.  It lies on the eastern banks of the highland area with rolling hills, beautiful tress, and an awesome lake (we can not get in the lake for safety reasons…some parasite that lives in standing water we are told).  Being at the compound is like being at summer camp.  Many of the people only share their room with only one other person, but in my room I share it with five other volunteers and it is great.  They are all awesome people.  The rooms are much like you would see at a camp in the States with comfortable beds, a shower (with hot water!!), toilets, and a couch, but with mosquito nets and a ton of luggage that seems to be growing by the hour with all the stuff they are giving us. 
We get feed really good food three times a day with two snack times in between, which makes me think of kindergarten and nap time.  So far they are feeding us western food, but they say they are going to slowly introduce us to Malagasy food; seeing that we go to our host homes in two days I do not know when that will be.  All in all it is not doing much to get us ready for our site as far as the hardship of living is concerned.  Although the days are very busy with meetings and language lessons.  The meetings themselves are all about living, being a Peace Corps Volunteer, and medical information.  The weather here is pretty cold during the day and gets really chilly at night.  I am not used to it and am glad I brought my hoody and coat, both of which I have worn at the same time.  It will be nice to leave here for the host home in a few days though, but we will be returning every Thursday for more meetings.  I can not wait to get to my site to unpack all my stuff and finally get started.  

*A video tour of the PCTC (training center) can be found here.

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