Fourth of July!!

Friday, 7/4/14

So after lunch and stocking up on beer for the festivities, we returned to the PCTC today for the Fourth of July celebration.  It was pretty awesome.  Ari (a PCVT) and the LPI’s (language proficiency teachers) sang the national anthem for us to start the whole thing off.  After that everyone split up to do the many activities they had for us.  Outside they had music playing and a volleyball game, trainees against the LPI’s (trainees lost).  Inside, where I stayed, they had a ping pong table set up and a fire in the fireplace, where we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.  Not actual s’mores, because they did not have gram crackers, but we made due with two pieces of chocolate on the outside of the marshmallow.  They were amazing.  I also introduced beer pong to the party, but we played it with empty coffee mugs instead of beer filled Solo cups.  It is surprisingly hard to make a ping pong into an empty coffee mug. 

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