Im Leaving for a Place Far Far Away!!!

Many of you have heard me say for quite a while that I was going to keep a blog of my adventures in Madagascar time and time again.  Well here it is!  Although the blog has been up for a bit, this is my first of many blog post.  I will be posting on here as often as possible about all of the stories of my adventures during my Peace Corps service.  Until I get to my site (in about 11 weeks) I will not know how often I will be able to get online, but I do promise to update when I can.

Many of you have asked why I decided to join the Peace Corps.  I am not sure if I can give a singular definite answer; or would remember what it was in the first place.  But as many of you know my original Bachelors degree was in Anthropology, and cultural anthropology has been a passion of mine ever since.  Peace Corps gives me the opportunity to travel to far away lands and explore the cultures with in them in a way that I would never had been able to do before.  Also, as the process has moved forward and it has been made more and more clear what it was that I would be doing, I have also come to find out that I will also be getting teaching experience, which is great.  I get to travel to the remote country of Madagascar and help its people in many different ways; not only in gaining a language skill.  


walking across airport tarmac antananarivo madagascar peace corps volunteers
Walking across the airport tarmac in Antananarivo, Madagascar as we arrived.

It has been quite a time going through the whole application process to finally flying of to staging.  This whole process took me about a year, but I know it will be worth it.  It is said by many in the Peace Corps that getting Madagascar as your volunteer country is like hitting the Peace Corps jackpot.  Though only time will tell, I believe from what I have seen that this is probably very true and I can not wait to find out.  This will no doubt be an adventure of a lifetime with many great stories of adventures and perils, trials and tribulations.  If nothing else, or you just do not want to read, there will be a lot of really cool pictures and videos for you to see!  So please fill free to follow me, share, and/or comment while you share in this adventure with me. 

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